The services de Silva Safety Services can provide, offer significant benefit to organisations wishing to improve their safety management performance.

Services include (but are not restricted to)


The training of staff is critical to the ongoing health and safety performance of the business. Our training is relevant to the actual needs of the client; concise and not stretched to fit a whole day unnecessarily; and, presentable to all levels of staff competency

Safety Advisers

de Silva Safety Services is able to provide Retained Safety Adviser services, tailored specifically to the needs of the business activity and its size, and at a competitive price.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is the most used widely used tool to identify hazards and risk in the workplace, and we are able carry out work task analysis and to assess risks from a wide range of hazards, specifically required by legislation or not. We stand out in our ability to identify reasonably practicable solutions !

Fire Risk Assessment

Assessing fire risk can be somewhat daunting to inexperienced staff. de Silva Safety Services is able to carry out suitable fire risk assessments and to advise on relevant engineering and management precautions to take to reduce the risk of injury to persons or damage to buildings, from the simple office accommodation to the more complex industrial premises.

Business Continuity Planning

Many organisations never properly recover from a devastating disaster, even though they had, what seemed to be at the time, adequate Business Continuity insurance. An injection of money is fine, but if all your clients have gone elsewhere ..... ? de Silva Safety Services is able to look forward and consider how best to recover from an incident which has a significant impact upon the organisation's ability to maintain its business, before disaster strikes !

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