Forklift trucks increase productivity but can also increase risk

Components of a health and safety system

Components of a Health and Safety system


What is a Health and Safety Management System ?

A health and safety management system is very similar to the Management systems found elsewhere in a business. Managing money coming into and going out of a business for example, is usually scrutinised very carefully, with competent bookkeepers, accountants and auditors, closely monitoring compliance with well thought out company policy and procedures, and ensuring that the business complies with the various financial laws. Thus, a sound company manages its money.

A similar analogy may be drawn with product quality.

The producer will be very keen to manufacture the highest quality materials, on a cost efficient basis, and to consistent standards. A successful company manages its product quality.

Managing health and safety in a business undertaking is just that – managing. Companies that give thought to health, safety and welfare management systems will invest in the future well-being of the business, will minimise down-time and accidents and, will save money in the long term.

de Silva Safety Services is able to offer advice on each of the components shown below, and can carry out the necessary work to bring each component to an effective level, interacting with all other components