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Business Continuity Planning

Otherwise known as Disaster Recovery Plans, Business Continuity Plans look forward and consider how best to recover from an incident which has a significant impact upon the organisation's ability to maintain its business.

A significant fire or flood can knock out office buildings with the resultant loss of IT servers, internet, telephones and fax capability. Staff will require alternative accommodation, with adequate welfare facilities. Press statements and messages of re-assurance to the business clients, suppliers and contractors, will need to be written and delivered in a timely manner. Manufacturing capability must be found urgently, and stocks held in warehouses and storage terminals will require replacement just as quickly as possible.

Many organisations never properly recover from a devastating disaster, even though they had, what seemed to be at the time, adequate Business Continuity insurance. An injection of money is fine, but if all your clients have gone elsewhere ..... ?

But it does not have to be as bad as this. A properly constructed Plan looks at the whole business, its undertaking and its premises, and puts in place a systematic procedure, with resources, to continue to provide quality products and services to its clients, in a timely manner. This can be so critical that many insurance carriers are now requiring its insured clients to have such a plan in place. A properly designed Plan will even identify aspects of the business and its premises that are presently inadequately controlled against the risk of catastrophe, and will recommend appropriate safeguards to be put in place to reduce the risk in the first place !

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